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FLIT: Forced Landing Into Trees

To date, GA pilot training has focused primarily on teaching students how to fly and become safe pilots.

Training for emergencies has generally revolved around engine failure during various stages of flight, where executing a successful forced landing largely depended on the vigilance of the pilot in terms of keeping an eye out for ‘open spots’, along with some airmanship in how to possibly extend the glide . . . and LOTS OF LUCK.

Training has not been given on how to POSITIVELY fly your aircraft INTO AN OBSTACLE in order NOT TO DIE!

Having studied this well-researched The Great GA Pilot SURVIVAL RESET, incorporating FLIT: Forced Landing Into Trees; I truly believe that this is probably the greatest advance in GA pilot survival training over the last 50 years.

Johann Langenegger

“This is more about managing the energy of your aircraft in an emergency forced landing, from flying at altitude, at a given safe airspeed, to being on the ground, at zero ground speed, and, as far as possible, without rupturing your aircraft fuel tanks in the process.

It so happens that trees are the most prolific and best energy-absorbing ‘obstacles’ that can be used for absorbing the kinetic energy of an aircraft, when in a largely horizontal orientation and flying just above stall speed!”

John Comley

Author of FLIT: Forced Landing Into Trees


The latest invention from AV8TOR SAFETY is the Go-Around-Joe, a Visual Glideslope and Go-Around Indicator.

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Read about how this specific airspeed, the DEFINED MINIMUM MANOEUVRING SPEED, could save YOUR LIFE!

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How to Become Safer Pilots

Listen & Learn

Listen to Scott Perdue speak about improving your safety and lowering risk by ‘becoming intentional’ with your flying, and by making becoming a safer pilot an aspirational journey.

In this video, ‘Becoming a Safer Pilot’, Scott outlines the lessons from his father, a WWII pilot, through to his own lessons, as an F-4 and F-15 fighter pilot, and as a GA pilot, now flying Beechcraft Bonanzas.

Learn more about Scott HERE.


Embrace AQP

Listen to this video, ‘How Pilots Keep Killing Themselves’, which outlines the AQP Grassroots Movement by GA Pilots adoption of the Advanced Qualifications Program (AQP), adopted by airlines and most Part 131 operators.

What exactly is an AQP AFR?

The airlines and most 135 operators of large aircraft operate their own training and testing (all simulator based) under a program called AQP, or Advanced Qualifications Program. Under AQP, each airline gets to decide what to train, and what is on the oral, and what is on the check ride! This is an amazing difference between GA and AIRLINES! These are not check rides like you have ever seen before. The airline record is impressive, (see enclosed summary sheet) as they now train and check all the possible scenarios (called maneuvers) known to be problematic over the course of time.

The Advanced Qualifications Program (AQP) was devloped by Dan Gryder (www.dangryder.com).

Download the AQP AFR Supplemental Document HERE.

AQP Grassroots Series

Pilots and flight instructors alike should take the time to work through this AQP video series:


AQP Grassroots Part 1: Keeping Dad ALIVE! We’re CHANGING how we FLY

AQP Grassroots Part 2: Why don’t we PRACTICE this? – REJECTED TAKEOFF

AQP Grassroots Part 3: TOP KILLER for Pilots – Spatial Disorientation

AQP Grassroots Part 4: FATAL ACCIDENT: What caused it?


AQP Grassroots Part 6: Saving LIVES! HOW TO give an AQP FLIGHT REVIEW