Pinwheel Effect

Pinwheel Effect & Virtual Crumple Zone

Core to multiple FLIT Maneuvers is the PINWHEEL Effect.

Using the PINWHEEL Effect a pilot is able to:

  1. Significantly reduce the Horizontal Kinetic Energy (EK-H) of the aircraft
  2. Cause the aircraft to SPIN, keeping the pilot and passengers at the centre, and using the engine, empennage and wings to absorb the remaining energy, through deforming as objects are struck
  3. Through spinning the aircraft, the PIC and PAX are kept largely ‘out of harms way’, through the creation of a Virtual Crumple Zone, as well as being largely in the CENTRE of the spinning aircraft, where Rotational Kinetic Energy (EK-R) is close to ZERO!

The video (below) shows precisely how the PINWHEEL Effect works by absorbing energy from the initial impact and then converting the remaining energy into rotational and translational energy, which is then absorbed by the engine, wings, and empennage as the aircraft spins, leaving the pilot and passengers largely unaffected in the CENTRE of the spinning aircraft.

This video includes a case study in which the PINWHEEL Effect is powerfully used, leaving the PIC without any injuries!

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Pinwheel Effect and Virtual Crumple Zone

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