“Changing the way GA pilots fly, FOREVER!

The GREEN PIN on the FLIT GLOBAL MAP signifies a FLIT-type landing in which there were no fatalities.

Green Pin Club

On top of every pilot’s mind should be the desire to walk back into their airfield clubhouse or their home, ALIVE, even if it means having written off an aircraft through having sacrificed it in a landing in which they consciously placed their life, and the life of their passengers and crew, FIRST!

By joining the GREEN PIN Club, you are PUBLICLY declaring that you put ‘Lives before Aircraft’ and would be fully prepared to write off your aircraft for the sake of your life and the lives of passengers and crew.

You can join the GREEN PIN Club by signing up on the AV8TOR SAFETY website: www.av8torsafety.com/flit/green-pin-club

On joining, you will receive an email, showing you how to order GREEN PIN Club merchandise, which will allow you to proudly demonstrate your belief in and commitment to ‘placing lives before aircraft’!

By joining the GREEN PIN Club, you are signing up for SURVIVAL!

You are committing to:

  1. Always putting your life and the lives of your passengers and crew AHEAD of your aircraft
  2. Make decisions that prioritise your life and the lives of your passengers and crew, even it it means writing off your aircraft
  3. NEVER fly outside of your or your aircraft’s safety envelopes and minimums
  4. Doing EVERYTHING in your power to ‘stay green’, including NEVER to fly below VDMMS when manoeuvring at low level!
Green Pin Club

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