AV8TOR Safety provide FLIT-Certification for Pilots, Flight Instructors, and Flight Schools.

FLIT-Certification for Pilots

The Pilot FLIT-Certification Programme could be the difference between life and death!

Requirements for Certification include: Copy of Pilot Log Book showing FLIT training entries, FLIT options around and close to home airfield (videos & photos), Aircraft Insurance for commonly flown aircraft, etc.

Annual Recertification $49: Get all FLIT update alerts, resubmit Pilot FLIT certification requirements, re-certify as a FLIT-certified pilot!

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$49.00 p.a.

FLIT Certification: FLIT Certificate for Pilots

FLIT-Certification for Flight Instructors

In order to become a FLIT-certified Flight Instructor, you will need to:

1. Successfully complete the Forced Landing Into Trees Online Training

2. Be FLIT-Certified as a Pilot

2. Be a Certified Flight Instructor

4. Successfully train 5 pilots in FLIT and have them certify in Forced Landing Into Trees

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$99.00 p.a.

FLIT Certification: FLIT Certificate for Instructors

FLIT-Certification for Flight Schools

Do you run a Flight School and want to certify your Flight School for FLIT: Forced Landing Into Trees?

In order for your Flight School to become FLIT-certified:

  1. A minimum of 50% of Flight School Instructors must be currently Instructor-Certified in FLIT: Forced Landing Into Trees
  2. The Flight School must be registered with their local civil aviation authority as an accredited flight school

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FLIT Certification: FLIT Certificate for Flight Schools