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Paul Ludick and John Comley welcome you warmly to the official launch of FLIT: Forced Landing Into Trees, a skill-set intended to provide GA pilots with more, and hopefully, lifesaving options if that fateful time ever arrives for a forced emergency landing, and when options are few.

With over 450 pages of training backed by over 90 case studies, physics, and testing, FLIT: Forced Landing Into Trees has been three long hard years in the making.

What has been really frustrating for both of us is seeing GA accidents continue unabated at the time that we were burning the midnight oil, knowing that this exact FLIT: Forced Landing Into Trees training may well have allowed some pilots and, at times, along with their passengers, to survive potentially fatal accidents, and to then return to their families.

FLIT Press Release 2022.07.15

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What follows are THREE of the FLIT Approach videos in which a FLIT-certified pilot takes you NINETEEN various approaches, demonstrating the FLIT Maneuvers.

FLIT Approach #02: Mhlabatini Gorge

FLIT Approach #14: Westlake

FLIT Approach #19: Coves Side Branch

What follows are TWO of the seven FLIT Maneuver crash tests, that were designed to illustrate the behaviour of an aircraft when conducting a FLIT Maneuver.

FLIT Maneuver #3: Single-Tree Offset

FLIT Maneuver #6: Reed Corn